Enzan Ijuuin (lighter_shadow) wrote,
Enzan Ijuuin

Wandering [open to any]

Since Enzan was busy often and mother had encouraged Blues to let him deal with his own problems, Blues now spent a lot of time wandering various places and thinking. Although she would prefer to do something, she didn't know what. She wasn't avoiding people on purpose, just...a little lost.

She heaved a sigh and sat down on a random Nexus...log? Well, she was pretty far from the sign. It looked like an odd sort of shifting world. Blues wanted to talk to someone, she was just always afraid of getting in the way of something they'd rather be doing.

She'll probably make polite conversation with anyone who wanders this far out, although there's a couple people she'll probably open up to.

((No, the shifting doesn't mean anything, other than me wanting a different setting and that it's the Nexus.))
Tags: blues-chan
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