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[RP Post] Meiru Missing [THNMY!] [open if you like]

Enzan hummed a cheery tune to himself as he strolled along the streets of Akihara. Now he was finally free from his massive workload of catch-up, he was going to go visit his friends. Maybe they could take in a movie or something; there was a new one out he'd been dying to see.

What he didn't expect were the Official cars in front of the Sakurai house. Alarmed, he dashed up to Meiru's mother.

"Mika-san?" The woman looked relieved to see him. "What's going on?"

"Enzan-kun! Thank goodness. Have you seen my Meiru anywhere?"

Cue confusion. "No. Isn't she here?"

Mika wrung her hands, an action very unlike her. "Then she really is missing! I can't find her anywhere and I can't call her PET!"

Enzan blinked and made his 'surprised goldfish' face. Nexus? Not for long enough to worry her mother. Kidnapped? But there was really no special motive to kidnap Meiru. He or Netto would be better targets. Out of range? But where would she go without telling anyone? Certainly not out of cell range.

He fumbled with his PET for a minute. "Blues-chan? Could you go check the network for traces to where Roll might be?"

"Yes, Enzan-sama," he plugged her in to the nearest port - a streetlamp - and tried to focus on the operation over Mika's increasing sobs.

In the net, Blues tried tracing Roll's backlog, but came up only with trails that were several days old, at least. Trying a different method only resulted in more confusing results. Roll was not on the network, nor had she been for a while.

Blues hopped a beam back to her PET with a sinking feeling that things could only get worse. "I can't find her, Enzan-sama. There's no recent traces."

Enzan trembled for a minute, then his head drooped and he clenched his fists at his side, white hair obscuring his eyes. Then he lifted his head again, forcing a smile onto his face.

Cheer up. Like you always do.

"I just remembered Meiru-chan told me something!" he announced loudly. "She said she was going to go visit one of her old friends in Ameroupe, Yaito or someone."

"Enzan-sama..." Blues was horrified. Why was he lying like this? One of his friends was missing. Surely he wasn't...

Oh no.

Mika looked at him, her eyes hopeful. "She's out of contact, then?"

"Yep! Yaito-san's rich like me, and Meiru-chan said she's got this place way up in the mountains, where the connections don't work!"

"Why didn't she tell me?"

"I bet she forgot!" he claimed, spinning wildly. "She was real excited and all, you know. It's been so long since they've seen each other. She only told me 'cause I called her to ask about the movie we were all going to see this weekend."

Blues was almost ready to speak up when she saw the look in Enzan's eye. He knew where Meiru was, or at least where to look. So she helped him cheerfully bat away all the police and concerned mother questions, then was silent all the way to the Nexus, where she came out and rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Enzan-sama..." she didn't know what to say. Was this right? He had trouble with that sometimes. Then again, she did too.

"One of my friends is missing, 'neesan," Enzan drooped. "And I just stopped them looking for her. What if I was wrong?"

Blues didn't know what he thought, so she couldn't say. "Then tell them something else."

There was really nothing else she could say. She didn't know where Meiru had gone, either. She also very much hoped that her bad feeling that something else would go wrong didn't pan out. At all.
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