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October 19th, 2006

OOC: Song List

Blues Nexus!LOL

1. Butterfly by Wada Kouji (J)
Reason: It's very upbeat and a little silly. And really, isn't that what this Enzan's all about?
Used For: General theme

2. Hare Hare Yukai from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (J)
Reason: Another cheerful slightly nonsense song that describes him pretty well. Linked lyrics are only the translation.
Used For: Happiness theme

3. Invoke by T.M. Revolution (J)
Reason: All of his songs have to be fast-paced, but he does need ones that aren't really upbeat.
Used For: Pain

4. Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung-fu Generation (J)
Reason: Full throttle, Enzan! :D
Used For: Fight/Full speed!

5. Shining Collection by Nittle Grasper (Gravitation) (J)
Reason: What, I needed one song from Gravitation.
Used For: Love theme


1. Akatsuki no Kuruma by Fiction Junction featuring YUUKA (J)
Reason: Blues needs a gentle, soft song for her image song, yet one that describes her. This one I've always associated with Cagalli, so I think it fits.
Used For: General theme/image song

2. Shooting Star from Onegai Teacher (J)
Reason: This is such a nice song. I've only ever heard the short version before (on Stepmania, *cough*) but I think it works quite well.
Used For: Love theme

3. Sakura Saku from Love Hina (J)
Reason: It's cheerful and upbeat and um...I like the translation?
Used For: Happiness

4. Asu e no Yuuki from Magic Knight Rayearth (J)
Reason: I have never heard this song or seen this show. I just like the lyrics.
Used For: Courage/Enheartening/Righteous battle

5. Guardian Angel~ Kimi o Mamoritai by Fukuyama Jun (J)
Reason: ...I like the lyrics? :D
Used For: Friendship/Best friends/Protecting

I know I didn't do songs for Roll in Meiru's. I haven't developed her enough yet. Bite me. ;p

October 7th, 2006

Blues felt terrible after hearing about what had happened. Enzan in a fight, in Cross Fusion, meant V2 in a fight. And from all accounts, Enzan was pretty torn up. Not to mention V2 had been dealing with a lot lately anyway, what with the prank on Enzan and being concerned for him, and now they got roughed up? She had half a mind to seek out who had done it and try and take them on.
But first came first. She had to find V2 and make sure he was okay.
So she went to the Nexus, deactivated her chip and formed her armor back into the PET, and sent out an e-mail, hoping V2 was in the Nexus to catch it.

October 5th, 2006

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

87 pieces! :D I win! :p Yay, Dark Blues gave me my favorite flavour~ And I can use the wood and paper for a bonfire!

...And um. I need to say sorry to two Nettos and an other-me.

October 4th, 2006


Anger, Irritated, Frown
*looks disgruntled. This Enzan never looks that way*

Bored and random. Okay people. If I were locked in jail with no chance of escape, what would you want done to punish me? If anything. Because I'm sweet and lovable. *waves finger in the air* Whoo.

September 5th, 2006

[Diary Entry]

Busy, Distracted, Working
It still feels kind of weird.
Um...the older alternate I'm staying with got LOLed female. That kind of thing would take some getting used to. He seems to have adapted to it well, though. I also finally had something to eat, since it's not healthy to starve myself, but I had another episode and cut my finger with the bread knife.
Leviathan, that nice blue-haired robot lady I met a while ago, is staying in her room like I was. Or at least, she was when I talked to her. She said it was because she didn't want to hurt anyone when she was mad. I wish I had a reason like that.
Enzan, the twelve-year-old, says he thinks he has a bad reputation. I tried to help, even though he's said he doesn't want my help. Since he doesn't want to change, I ended up telling him he doesn't have to. I'm not going to go see mother or Blues-chan like he said I should, though. Not yet.
The youngest alternate-me I've met, the eleven-year-old, is having problems with his father not treating him like a son. I told him he needs to have fun, and that it won't do him any good if he overloads and snaps. He said he's never been called 'silly' before! Weird.
Knightman's been turned human. I teased him, of course. Knightman needs teasing. He's not so much a stuffy tin-can as the one I knew, though. Guess his Poipu's been working more on him or something.
Netto-chan shouldn't worry so much. I'm fine. I'm not crazy, although I think I might've been too mean. I hate that. I'll have to apologize soon. Next time I see her.
I'm not going home yet and they can't make me.

September 3rd, 2006

Despite his cheerful attitude for the past little bit, Enzan had actually had reason to feel relatively upset. Not only had he been a few centimeters off losing a finger, but he had completely broken his promise to Netto by now, and he hated breaking promises, doubly so when it meant letting people down. So now he was wandering around the Nexus, looking for Netto-chan, calling out to her randomly and feeling like a jerk and a total idiot. His guilt had finally caught up to him, and he had no idea why it hadn't earlier. It was as if he couldn't be upset.
On top of all that, he'd had another episode earlier, his first actually dangerous one. He'd never hurt himself like that before, and it stung far more than the cut did. It also made him worry about the possibilities. What if he was in a real dangerous situation next time?
"Stupid," he muttered, giving up and sitting down on one of the chairs. "Now look what sort of mess you've gotten yourself in, moron. I bet you do need medication, too."

August 31st, 2006

After Enzan and V2 left, sometime after supper for Akiko, Blues was wondering when she would ask to talk. It was obvious (to her) that she had left some information out earlier. Akiko was doing some light paperwork, the kind she had used to let Enzan do when he wanted to help her, which was often.
Akiko glanced over to Blues in the monitor, then put down her pen and sat back on the couch. "I suppose you're going to tell me now the rest of what you learned?"
"...Yes," the Navi felt slightly guilty now. "...I found out where he is."
Pale blue eyes widened slightly, but the woman nodded for Blues to continue, which she did.
"He's staying with an older alternate and his Blues for now. And many people have assured me he is safe." Akiko looked relieved at this.
"Do you think you can find him?" she asked quietly, twirling a strand of hair. She'd originally dyed it partially white from the original black so people wouldn't question Enzan's natural hair color--always protecting her baby son, no matter whether it was big or small. Which was why times like this hurt so much more.
Blues blinked. After all she'd heard, and the time she'd had to process it, she wasn't sure it was such a good idea anymore. "...I could, but I'm not sure I should," she said carefully. "I believe Enzan-sama may need a bit of time."
"I'm not going to pressure him into anything, Blues," she said softly. "I just want my son back."
"I know, mother," she replied honestly. "But maybe he should be given a chance to come back on his own before I go trying to drag him home."
Akiko sighed and rubbed her forehead. "If you know the people he's with, perhaps you could get them to tell you how he's doing sometimes? If he starts showing symptoms...I can call a doctor here and schedule him an appointment."
Blues nodded, "I'll...try." She didn't mention the resulting confrontation, but knew she'd have to apologize for this.
"Good. I trust you, Blues."
Despite how often this was said, it never failed to make her smile. "...I know, mother," she said softly as Akiko went back to her paperwork. "I won't fail you."
As expected, when Blues stepped through the portal, her armor shimmered and transformed back into the PET, her 'real' armor rematerializing with her inside the device. It thankfully materialized only a foot off the ground, so there wasn't much of an impact when it hit. Not that she would've really felt it anyway.
Unfortunately, from the angle it was lying at, it was impossible for her to see more outside the screen than the sky. She huffed a little and stared up, fixing her helmet back on her head.
"Enzan-sama? V2?" she called out.

August 29th, 2006

He's gone.
Blues felt a sort of numbness inside. Could she have prevented this? Possibly not. But the fact remained, Enzan had run away. He was staying with Meiru until the heat died down, apparently. She was half-tempted to go and get him despite what the note said. But Akiko had just looked at it, shaken her head, sighed, and said, "No, we'll leave him for now. If he's with Meiru-chan, he's safe."
Something rankled at her senses, though. Why would he stay with Meiru and not Netto? That answer came quickly enough. Because their mothers are too close friends and Haruka would say something. But it bothered her anyways.
If this went on for long, maybe she'd go see Roll and ask her what was happening. But for now, she would respect Enzan's wishes and stay.
Blues crept through the house network back to the living room monitor. Akiko was seated on the couch, holding the note in one hand and staring at the picture of Enzan on the mantle. It was a photograph from when he was about twelve, and had just graduated high school, five years early. Both of them had been so incredibly proud of him that day.
The teachers had all been sad to see him go. Such a creative mind...he was always a pleasure to work with. A real genius. The words echoed in Blues' head and she smiled bitterly. Yes, creative. He had overheard and engineered a way to be beyond their reach of help in no time at all, without them noticing until he was gone. She leaned against the cyberwall, trembling slightly. There was no doubt in her mind it had been difficult for him, but that only made it worse. She heard a soft sob from the real world and looked out to see Akiko crying, very quietly.
Blues slid to her knees and stared out at the picture as well. Though she could not cry, she buried her head in her hands and started sobbing. She was worried too.
My little brother's out there all alone without me to help him, and I can't do anything about it...

August 28th, 2006

[Diary Entry]

Busy, Distracted, Working
A lot has happened lately. I didn't update some of it last time so I'll start with that.
Netto-chan found the Nexus. I told her how to get there and she went to try it out! She couldn't see the portal until she came through though. She said she'll always believe in me. I wonder if that means I can trust her now. Rockman apparently got her into a fight with Dark Blues and my younger alt. He can be a jerk sometimes. I tried to intervene but I'm not sure it worked well.
I talked to him again after and he said to stop trying to help. I didn't even think that was what could be annoying him. If that's what he wants, I will.
Now to the more recent stuff.
I overheard mother and Blues-chan discussing me. They think I'm crazy. Went up to my room and went to sleep. Woke up, still dazed, and walked through the rain to the Nexus, where I met some people who helped me. My younger alt and Netto-kun both said I should maybe see a doctor, and some other people I met told me if I'm worried about it I'm not crazy.
My older alternate is helping me. He seemed really upset when he heard. He thought I shouldn't stay on my world (and he's probably right. He wasn't the only person who said that) and offered to let me stay with him. I'm in his guest room right now.
...I don't know if any of this makes sense. Maybe I am crazy and dreaming. But for now, I'm going to operate under the assumption that I'm not. I have to.
No matter what mother says, I refuse to believe it.
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